Agata Grop

Moving after Tumblr adult content ban. Here I scan and repost kink arts! Look also at my main blog at where I share my thoughts and original illustrations. You can also find me on fetlife here

The "Heavenly Lotus of Eternal Longing", commonly known simply as the "lotus strappado", was a popular fad amongst the Californian slavekeeping elite. A technique allegedly originating from the harems of imperial China, the lotus strappado had the unfortunate slavegirl impaled on a pair of fat vibrators while secured in a twisted position where even the slightest movement resulted in immense pain. Thus, she had no other option than to endure the constant, maddening teasing without flinching a muscle, as any attempt to reach an orgasm only brought agony.

The ancient legend said that by exercising the Heavenly Lotus diligently the concubine could learn to overcome her own carnal desires completely, reach enlightenment and become the perfect slave living only for the pleasures of her owner. But even those sceptical about the transcendent effects of the technique had to admit that the lotus strappado improved their slavegirls' attitude to a notable degree. After spending only three or four hours in the position they became extremely devoted and submissive, doing their best to save themselves from further spiritual training...

Bonne journée , je vais bosser moi . 
Je passe pas mes journée assise a rien faire 
J'essaierai de pas rentrer trop tard , profites en , prends du bon temps 

BBuona l'idea, ma la vedo dura

Assez assez asseeez ... !!! 
Pitié Madame , je le ferai plus , promis 

repos avant une tres longue nuit . 

Sansa Stark

A Song of Ice and Fire

by Tarusov

Having the sort of mum that gets on well with your friends can be a mixed blessing...

Jessica Rabbit Captured

by Legit Art

Pauvre Blanche Neige , sa belle mère en a pas finie avec elle 

Un nouvel artiste , inconnu pour moi 
Donnez son nom si vous le connaissez , Merci 

Bonsoir Messieurs , vous etes perdus ? vous cherchez quelque chose ? 

Sarebbe unapeccato bella storia su cui fantasticare mentre lo faccio, amore.